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Stoneshine Black
The undeniable presence of a St.Laurent marble catches with is base of the sharp blackness flared with its radiating mixture of red/gold/white veins describing its story of how nature with its radiation and compressions through time formed such a unique colorful piece. The Stoneshine Black collection illustrates this family of marble from its black version, to its grey and white portrayals of what it could look like with tones set in those colors.
Colors in collection:
Categroy : 4ftx8ft
General Specifications:-
Product Type: Floor & Wall
Size & Thickness: 48" x 96" - 6mm
Application: Residential & Light Commercial & Exterior Facade
Edging Type: Rectified
Frost Resistance: Yes
Slip Properties: Polished = N/A
Abrasian Resistance: Class 5
Technology: Glazed Porcelain


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