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De Stone
Imagine creating an environment that resemebles walking through the elegant richness of a Cartier store picking out the perfect necklace, watch, ring, or any accessory for the moment. With De Stone, that can become a reality able to be put on your floors, walls or exterior facades to create the touch of high-class. Offered in a porcelain slab at 48" x 96", its green base and flashes of yellow/orange veins and white flakes show off the extents that porcelain tiles can offer today.
Colors in collection:
Categroy : 4ftx8ft
General Specifications:-
Product Type: Floor & Wall
Size & Thickness: 48" x 96" - 6mm
Application: Residential & Light Commercial & Exterior Facade
Edging Type: Rectified
Frost Resistance: Yes
Slip Properties: Polished = N/A
Abrasian Resistance: Class 5
Technology: Glazed Porcelain


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