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Forest Green’s beautiful olive tones are reminiscent of summer grass. Forest Green’s fullness and brown thatch give it a beautiful natural look, soft to the touch, perfect for a picnic ready yard.
This turf is manufactured to have a wavy appearance to mimic real grass. Similar to Evergreen and EverGlades, Forest Green is very organic looking but with more of a brighter green hue within the blades of turf. The blades of grass in Forest Green also tend to be less uniform imitating more real grass.
Categroy : Synthetic Grass

Forest Green is not as dense as EverGlades but has the same blades height at 2 inches or 50mm. Forest Green is the choice of many homeowners and contractors due to its neutral greens and wavy natural looking characteristics.

Ideal for general use applications, rooftop gardens, sidewalk boulevards & kids. Moderate to Heavy Traffic.

Blade Height: 50mm / 2 inch
Blade Color: Four Tone Olive Green
Bottom Color: Yellow & Green
Density Stitch Rate: 13 stitch per 3 7/8 “
Gauge: 3/8 inch
Backing: Dual Polypropylene backing
Backing Coating: Polyurethane
Face Weight: 67oz / sq yd
Total Weight: 93oz / sq yd

Roll Size:
15 x Up to 50 FT

Product Warranty: 10 Years

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