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Cedar has a very high-end appearance and works well beside natural stone and woods. It is very luxurious and helps to create a mood of beauty within a setting of vivid colors.
Categroy : Synthetic Grass

Cedar looks amazing alongside natural stone and woods due to its more earthy colors. With beautiful tones of olive and hues of brown it’s hard to differentiate from real grass. Cedar boasts a 40mm blade height which makes it soft to the touch, perfect for a family yard. An upgrade from our eco turf, but not quite the same as our Evergreen, Cedar is a great mid-range turf.

Cedar also comes in a convenient 15ft wide roll, making it easier to cover your space with limited seams.

Ideal applications include medium traffic areas, general use landscaping, sidewalk boulevards, & rooftop gardens.
Blade Height: 40 mm / 1.57 Inch
Blade Color: Olive/ Forest Green
Bottom Color: Yellow & Brown
Density Stitch Rate: 12 stitch per 3 7/8 “
Gauge: 3/8 inch
Backing: Dual Polypropylene backing
Backing Coating: Polyurethane
Face Weight: 44 oz / sq yd
Total Weight: 70 oz / sq yd

Roll Size:
15 x Up to 50 FT

Product Warranty: 10 Years


How to calculate your roll length

The widths of the rolls are fixed, only the length of the roll can be cut, Sold in linear foot.

For example, selecting 10 will give you a length of 10 ft (65 ft2 coverage on a 6.5 ft wide roll or 130 ft2 on a 13 roll). Seaming tape is only required if you are joining 2 or more rolls together.”  An extra 6 inches in length is always suggested to give room mishaps or to give slack while installing


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