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Quarizzie Orange
Just as Quarizzie can be explored for many years to come, so can the collection inspired by the Quarizzie Orange let you discover its many faces. This collection brings multiple color variants and an array of formats will one moment surprise you with energy straight out of a colorful carnival in Rio, and the next it will cool you off with its splendor as if you were back at the beach relaxing in the shade of palm trees.
Colors in collection:
Categroy : 4ftx9ft
General Specifications:-
Product Type: Floor & Wall
Size & Thickness: 48" x 110" - 6mm
Application: Residential & Light Commercial & Exterior Facade
Edging Type: Rectified
Frost Resistance: Yes
Slip Properties: Polished = N/A
Abrasian Resistance: Class 3
Technology: Glazed Porcelain


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